Information about HealthCare Europe DOO and parent companies

HealthCare Europe DOO was established on 10th of June 2012 in Novi Sad as a Joint Venture of Danish Everrest and Chinese HealthCare Co. Ltd.

HealthCare Co. Ltd has its registered head office in Rugao, Jiangsu province, People’s Republic of China. HealthCare Co. Ltd mainly produces pillows, mattresses and sofas from memory foam, but also produces CNC machinery for polyurethane cutting. During the last few years HealthCare Co. Ltd has strengthen its presence in Chinese retail through own shops and own brand MLILY. HealthCare Co. Ltd has doubled in size in the last few years, and now employs several thousand workers in China in different businesses. This year Healthcare Co. Ltd will finalize its IPO and get stock listed in China on SSE.

Everrest ApS has its registered head office in Århus, Denmark. Everrest ApS sells and develops pillows and mattresses for large retailers in Europe. Everrest ApS is the largest sales agent of HealthCare Co. Ltd in Europe. Everrest ApS sales to nearly 17 countries in Europe and stands for more than 30% of produced volume of HealthCare Co Ltd. Besides of major European countries it also handles part of the US market for HealthCare Co. Ltd through a subsidiary in California.

Joint Venture:

Healthcare Co. Ltd and Everrest ApS have cooperated closely for 15 years. Besides being the largest sales agent in Europe Everrest ApS also assists Healthcare Co. Ltd in developing new products and designing new series. That’s why Everrest ApS was chosen as a natural partner for Healthcare Co. Ltd in its European endeavor.

Rising competition on home market in China forced HealthCare Co. Ltd to change focus from export to home market, so the production facilities in China shall in the future focus mainly on home, Asian and US markets.

The new production facility in Serbia shall supply all European markets, Russia, Middle East and North America.

Serbia was chosen because of its strategic position to raw materials and end costumers. The Serbian company is 90% owned HealthCare Co. Ltd from China even though the sales companies are Danish owned.

Project in Ruma

* HealthCare Europe DOO based in Novi Sad is the largest Chinese-Danish investment in Serbia

* In the area of industrial zone "Rumska petlja" we are opening a memory foam factory with environmentally clean, modern technology and a stimulating work environment.

* The factory covers an area of 30.000m2 and has all the necessary facilities that will supply the European markets, Russia, the Middle East and North America.

* In 2012 we signed a MoU – 1200 workers, 50 million EUR investment. The project was designed so that it will be executed in 4 phases.

* First phase included building of 20.000 m2 production facility for memory foam and employment of some 300 workers.

* In 2014 we started building – 28.880 m2

* December 2014 we received a letter of intention from Serbian government, which stated that they would offer good service to us as an investor. We received this letter on the margins of the Chinese Serbian summit.

* In December 2014 we started preparation for phase 2. We had some communication with the officials from the municipality, where we learned, much to our surprise that the municipality was rather reluctant to support our investment. Based on a letter of intentions from two other investors the municipality was ready to give away the land where our second stage was planned.

* Factory in Ruma is finished in June / July 2015 where we have start employing the above mentioned.